"LED lights do not require regular replacements so there is no hazardous waste.  Users can save up to 80% on their electricity bills with the use of these LED lights"

"There is little to no heat produced from these LED lights therefore there is increased electricity conservation.  They are extremely suitable for cold storage warehouses due to their reduced heat emanation."

"LED lights last significantly longer than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts life (up to ten times longer in most cases). The need for replacement is eliminated with these LED lights and even when they are nearing the end of their lifespan, they begin to dim in stages instead of completely blowing out at once."

"LED lights are extremely resistant and long lasting resulting in both financial and time savings. They are designed and built to withstand any damages making them extremely durable."

"During LED light production , no mercury nor carbon is used resulting in reduced harmful emissions.  They are both friendly to the environment and to people in their vicinity"

The other reason LED lighting helps the environment is because the bulbs themselves can be recycled. CFL bulbs, which are the old style energy saving bulbs that take an age to come on contain mercury. This means that they need to be disposed of in a safer manner to ensure the waste site is not contaminated.

Save energy, save money, & save the planet. LED lights are low in Co2 emissions, which is a good thing.

Help the environment and switch to LED, what are you waiting for?

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