"A symbol of quality becomes a brand"

German Quality


As was introduced with the corporate values from 1923, still today we strive to meet the same expectations that represent what products made in Germany meant to the consumer then as well.


At each opportunity the expertise of German engineering and production standards, quality control levels and technical developments, as well as the guidelines form the German industry norms and specifications are implemented to the production of the products. This knowledge and experience is evident in each Blaupunkt item today and offers consumers a higher standard of living and working environments each and every day.


Together, this level of quality and the renowned functional design of products, it is clear that Blaupunkt offers comprehensive solutions now, as it did then as well.



Materials and components are thoroughly tested prior to any fabrication of the items. Not only for their quality in performance and function, but also to ensure they are acceptable as environmentally suitable for the productions. The complete production process is monitored to ensure materials not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of consumers and for the environment as well..

Responsible production today, based on foundations instilled since 1923.


At Blaupunkt, sustainability and innovation have always been the main drivers during the development of products. Especially with today’s emphasis on the environment, and the protection and preservation of our natural resources for future generations, we are proud to carry forward this tradition of producing high quality items for the modern world.



At Blaupunkt we take pride in the tradition of the original production guidelines and standards set from the start. The reputation built over decades is what also drives us to carry on these traditions and strive to outperform the expectations of the consumers. This is achieved not only with superior performance of the product itself, but also the knowing that the most current environmentally friendly production methods were implemented in bring the product to the market.

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