The founders of AMS recognized the rise in energy costs and the increasing importance of environmental conservation throughout the world and decided the time was right to make a difference.


In September 2003, their vision became a reality and AMS was created the executive management team has over 20 years experience in international trade and finance.  Their initial mission involved the creation of a comprehensive line of environmentally conscious light bulbs manufactured in China and the dream was born.

Over the next few years, AMS formed strategic alliances with the foremost marketing and technological organizations and other manufacturing leaders in the illumination industries.


Today, AMS offers their clients a complete line of technologically advanced environmentally conscious lighting products designed to meet all industry standards and practices.  They have successfully combined a competitive pricing module with reliable quality that guarantees total satisfaction to each client they service.

Moonlight Trading Limited

33 Boundary Road,

San Juan, Trinidad W.I.


LED products from AMS